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Brain Science - Stanford University

Mind Set
"What is a growth mindset? There is a really damaging myth that pervades the US/ UK and other countries – the idea that some people are born with a “math brain” and some are not. This has been resoundingly disproved by research but many students and parents believe this. It is really important to communicate “growth mindset” messages to students. Help them know that everyone is a math person and that the latest research is telling us that students can reach any levels in math because of the incredible plasticity of the brain.
Encourage students to believe in themselves. There are different parts to this – first we need students to know that they can achieve at any math level, and there is no such thing as a math person. Brain information is really good for this. Second we need them to have a “growth mindset” – believing that they can learn anything, and the more work they do the smarter they will get. An important way to encourage a growth mindset is by praising what students have done and learned, not them as a person. So instead of saying “you are so smart”, say “it is great that you have learned that.”"
Youcubed (Jo Boaler)

High School Math - Parent's Guide to Student Success

Tom Wujec: Build a tower, build a team

The Marshmallow Tower
This is a great talk on the power of teaming, the assumptions we make as teams, and need for prototyping.